The RSA - Benefit Trust was created pursuant to a Collective Bargaining Agreement between the Riverside Sheriffs' Association and County of Riverside, on May 31, 1994. The Trust exists for the sole purpose of securing the very best possible health and welfare benefits for plan participants. The RSA Benefit Trust provides members in the Law Enforcement bargaining unit and the Correctional Deputy bargaining unit with best-in-class medical, dental, and vision plans.

The Benefit Trust provides members with a state of the art wellness program. The wellness program provides significant incentives for members enrolled to take an active role in managing their own health by engaging in health related activities. The total annual incentives available have increased from $200 per year to $580! Click here to enroll.

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Board of Trustees

The Benefit Trust is governed by a Board of Trustees, appointed by the Board of Directors of the Riverside Sheriffs' Association. Trustees serve without compensation. The Trust Chairman, or his/her designee serves as the Trust's Administrative Officer.
Randy Wortman
Bill Young
Vice Chair
Roxanne Villarreal
Jose Santos
Rosa Calderon
Gabe Carranza
Fernando Lopez
Alicia Lopez
Alternate Trustee
Parker Morris
Alternate Trustee
Lauren Driffill
Erica Deutsch
Trust Counsel

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