About the Riverside Sheriffs' Association

Riverside County is a large, diversified, and growing county located in Southern California's Inland Empire. It stretches from the Orange County line in the west all the way to the Colorado river and the Arizona border in the east. It is bordered by San Diego and Imperial Counties in the South and San Bernardino County to the North and encompasses over 8,000 square miles. The terrain stretches from the snow and pine forests of Idyllwild and Mt. San Jacinto to the world class desert resorts of Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley.

The job of protecting and helping all the residents, tourists, and visitors to Riverside County falls principally upon the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is the third largest Sheriff’s Department in California. The Department is responsible for maintaining the County's jail facilities, serving its court system, and protecting the public through operations out of ten patrol stations.

The Riverside Sheriffs' Association is the Exclusive Employee Organization representing the following bargaining units: The Law Enforcement Unit, Correctional Deputy Unit, and the Public Safety Unit. The Law Enforcement Unit is comprised of sworn personnel including Deputy Sheriffs, District Attorney Investigators, Deputy Coroners, and Welfare Fraud Investigators employed by the County of Riverside.

In 2023, the Riverside Sheriffs' Association welcomed the sworn members of the Val Verde Unified School District Police Officers' Association as Associate Members of RSA. The VVUSDPOA members enjoy all the benefits of Association membership including access to our exceptional Legal Defense Trust.

RSA is an active force in the political arena as well, endorsing candidates for local, state, and federal offices. We also are actively involved in the statewide police labor movement through groups such as the Southern California Alliance of Law Enforcement (S.C.A.L.E.), the California Coalition of Law Enforcement Associations (C.C.L.E.A.), National / State Fraternal Order of Police (NFOP / CAFOP). Through these groups, RSA supports a variety of issues regarding police labor rights, crime victim's rights, more potent laws and effective punishments.

Finally, in accordance with our primary belief that effective law enforcement must be a joint effort between police and the communities they serve, RSA supports a number of charitable organizations including its very own The Riverside County Deputy Sheriff Relief Foundation. This foundation is something we are particularly proud of.

Through these efforts, and in countless other ways, the Riverside Sheriffs' Association constantly strives to live up to its motto of "Serving Those Who Serve."