The gunmen
1. Belisaro Delgado, 17, driver of the van; killed at the Norco scene.
2.  Manuel Delgado, Belisaro’s brother, killed by police after he attempted to make a last stand in the mountains above Lytle Creek.
3.  Christopher Gregory Harven, 30 , of Mira Loma.
4. Russell Harven, 27, Gregory’s brother, of Anaheim.
5. George Wayne Smith, 28, of Cypress.
(Ages listed are those as of 1980)
The Harven Brothers and George Smith are serving a life term without parole.
Their plan
A diversionary bomb to draw attention away from the robbery had been planted under a gas main about a block away, but was found by a Norco resident who reported it to the fire department who extinguished the burning candle attached to a homemade bomb.
George Smith stated that he had been in the bank before, cased it, and that he was the brains of the operation and had planned the whole robbery.   He also admitted to the manufacture of the explosive devices.
Russell Harven stated that he was armed with a mini AR-15, .223 caliber.   He had been in the Lytle Creek area before
(approximately two weeks before the robbery), zeroing in his weapons along with the others in preparation for the holdup. Chris Harven stated that they fled to the Lytle Creek area because he knew the area from shooting there before.
A subsequent search of the Mira Loma Harven residence indicated numerous ammunition packages for .223, .303, .45, and .38 caliber weapons as well as the components for making fire bombs and explosive devices.   Also located inside the residence was an Anarchist Cook Book and a quantity of marijuana and marijuana plants.
Home-made weapons
Following is a description of the miscellaneous evidence relative to the explosive devices the robbers had in their possession in the van and at the house.  (This is in addition to their arsenal of automatic weapons, 12-gauge shotguns, and a total of 1,103 rounds of ammunition.)
• Section of PVC pipe and fittings
• Four cans with gunpowder
• One role of hobby fuse (safety fuse)
• Masking tape
• Six plastic pipe caps, ten dowels, two cans of plastic cement
• Plastic container with cans, tape, dowel, can of black rifle powder
• Spray paint can
• Three boxes of nails
• Six glass Coke bottles, empty
• Three bottles of Blue Nun, 1.5 liters, empty
• Box with bullets, rivets, sling-shots, rags and nails
• Box labeled safety fuse
• Two Pepsi cans, one with lead shot
• One roll of electrician’s tape
• A beaker with gunpowder
• Box containing disassembled flammable shotgun launching device
• Three 16-oz. bottles with gas
• Two bottles, corks, cut plastic tubing and gunpowder
• Box containing disassembled explosive device
• Box containing disassembled explosive shotgun launching device
• Cloth rags
Explosive Devices
• Hand thrown grenade device
• Shotgun launched grenade device
• Incendiary shotgun launch device
• Blue Nun Incendiary device
• Molatov cocktails, containing leaded gasoline
• Norco Fire Department Arson Device
• Gasoline
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