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All dependant changes to your health insurance plans must be made within 30 days of a "Qualified Event". 

These events include:

  • newborns
  • adoptions
  • legal guardianship
  • marriage
  • divorce
  • legal separation
  • over-age dependent deletion 

If changes are not made within the 30-day time limit, it is possible that the change may not be made until the next open enrollment period.

The County does not update us on dependent or address information.  Please contact the RSA Benefit Office as soon as possible at 951-653-8014.

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BOARD OF TRUSTEES APPROVES NEW RETIREE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - The RSA Benefit Trust adopted a new Retiree Assistance Program at a regular meeting of the Board held on Wednesday April 10th 2002. The target date for the new program to into effect is July 1st 2002. The program is intended to help offset the out -of-pocket cost of health insurance for qualified - retirees of an RSA Bargaining Unit.

"Retiree Assistance Program (RAP)"
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New 'Trust Agreement' adopted at
the Board of Trustees meeting, 3/02.

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